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Hello, my name is Emilie, I am 51 years old, I am French of Cameroonian origin,
mother of 6 children, 2 grandchildren and soon a third, President of the Métissage association in Sarrebourg.

I am an only daughter and at the death of my mother Léonie, I inherited about 60 ha of forest in the village of Nkoumadjap in Cameroon, 55 km south of Yaoundé.
I have a project to create an NGO in Cameroon;
A humanitarian, ecological and biologic farm that wants to be autonomous.
The goal is to make agriculture, livestock, fish farming, a solidarity hostel for participatory tourism and a study room with a workshop for children, this will create more jobs, will improve the local life, and the benefits will go towards the education and schooling of children.
The farm will be located on a site of 5.5 hectares, I have other land for other crops.
The village does not have electricity or running water.

The association being created with the inhabitants of the village, it is called La Ferme De LéO in tribute to my mother Léonie.
There are thousands of such associations around the world, the only way we can exist is for as many people as possible to know about it, I need, Leo Farm needs, the kids and the village need a hand please.​

​La Ferme De Léonie

The Léo Farm is an association currently being created in Nkoumadjap Cameroon.
We have 20 hectares of land. The goal is to create an autonomous, ecological and organic farm in order to provide work for the inhabitants of the village and to use part of the benefits to help with the education and schooling of children.
Provide sub-optimal water and electricity assistance to the population.
To know and discover the region by a Solidarity and Participatory tourism.


Association Métissage

​Métissage is a multicultural and sociocultural association born in 2006, created by people of many origins.
It aims to promote the mixing of cultures, to encourage tolerance and to develop solidarity actions.
Deepen the cultural ties between peoples and strengthen cultural crossbreeding through the arts whatever their forms of expression.
Dance, Music, Cooking, Fashion, ...


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To join the association, you must join by taking a membership card whose price is € 25 per year.

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Tél:+237 678 63 40 28
Whatsapp: +237 654 93 49 82
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