Journée mondiale de l'environnement 2021-La ferrme de Léo


It is to adhere to the values and the principles of the association illustrated by our Charter, to be part of the family The farm of Leo.
To be a member is to participate in the General Assembly to discuss the issues of the association, to evaluate the good conduct of our activities and to decide tomorrow's strategic orientations, it is also to elect the Board of Directors, to speak about the actions from Léo Farm around you or get involved in awareness events.
As a member, you are the voice of the association in your region, in your city, in your professional, family or friendly environment. You are the guarantors of our action.
Anyone who shares our values and feels concerned about our project around the world can become a member of The Leo Farm. It is thanks to you that this project will grow, that as a member of The Farm of Leo, you will carry the messages of our association.


Horty de La ferme de Léo

Fill out the online form by clicking on the button below and pay your subscription of 25 € by credit card (valid for 1 year from the date of membership).

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Annual contribution CEMAC Zone:
3000 for Léo's farm
10,500 FCFA for the Coopérative La ferme de Léo
By Bank transfer, Paypal, WorldRemit transfer, MTN Money, Orange Money

I want to be a member

For any question or additional request, do not hesitate to contact us!

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