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La ferme de Léo
BP 12 Mbalmayo Cameroun
Tél:+237 678 63 40 28
Whatsapp: +237 694 04 68 14

Useful Holidays, Humanitarian Mission Cameroon

Whether you are a retiree, a student or an active person, if you are afraid to travel alone, you are welcome, We suggest you leave In May / June 2021 to discover a continent (Cameroon is Africa in miniature) by joining our next humanitarian mission, this will be the opportunity for you to discover Yaoundé, Mbalmayo and its surroundings, its culture, meet its inhabitants, while helping the village and the children. thank you for take contact.



La ferme de Léo
2A rue Jean Jaures
57300 Hagondange France
Whatsapp: +237 694 04 68 14