Project-creation of a socio-cultural center

Our project is to create a socio-cultural center in Nkolnyama Cameroon for the promotion of art, education and schooling for children.

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Our objectif

G- Make as many people as possible work, thus enabling them to improve their way of life, take care of their families and send their children to school, in a win-win partnership. 

- Decorate the area with a socio-cultural center. 

- Provide school supplies at each start of the school year and, if possible in certain cases, help pay for the studies of children from vulnerable families and/or orphans. 

- Help children by creating a library, equipped and lit room, help with training, and workshops to awaken to art in all its forms. 

- Helping members by offering them insurance and savings solutions. 

- Mobilize residents on environmental issues and offer cleaning days and recycling solutions for household waste. 

- Help other associations, companies and the public by offering several spaces at their disposal.

Projet La ferme de Léo

Creation of a socio-cultural center in Nkolnyama, (There is no establishment of this type in the village).
- Offer a movie night once a week.
- Offer dancing and themed evenings once per quarter.
- Room rental "There are none in the village"
- 1 Bar/Restaurant/Grocery which will serve mostly organic meals 70% of the products will come directly from our cooperative.
- Green spaces
- 1 Small library + study and workshop room.
- Become a postal address for the population "90% of people do not have an address allowing them to receive mail or parcels"
- Allow associations to meet in a friendly place Small room rental
- Propose to the consumer to become a contributor
- Offer art awareness, reading and homework help workshops for children.