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We are looking for good quality items with lowest price for you, Your order will be sent to you directly by the supplier or craftsman.
Any purchase in our store is also a contribution on your part! A margin of 3 to 10 € compared to the purchase price depending on the item will be donated to the project.  
Except for the "Solidarity occasions" section, the items of which are in stock and the asking price, entirely donated to La ferme de Léo.

Customize your life

a ferme de Léo,Je personnalise,custom,

I personalize, Clothing, Shoes, USB CB, portrait, paintings, cushion, PC, jewelry,  Bags, stickers, Shower, CB, consoles...        Plus...

Solidarity Shop

Charity shop-boutique solidaire-LFDL,

Objects: New or used, very little worn sometimes just once and in very good condition.                                          Plus...

African Outfits

La ferme de Léo,Horty_Désign

African Style-
Clothing man, woman, child and couple in African wax fabric


Pour vos commandes et vos dons

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