What will your donations serve?

At the implementation of the farm, gardens and a nursery,
the purchase of materials, equipment, seeds for the creation of a cocoa plantation and an orchard.
Meals and travel expenses for volunteers during the collection of basic materials for the realization of the farm.
The construction of animal shelters and pens, the purchase of animals and the creation of several ponds for the rearing of fish.
Purchase of equipment for energy independence (Water and electricity).

Thank you for your support to our project

1- By clicking on Donate Paypal.
2- By visiting our online donation request Association-metissage / LFDL / collectes
3- By buying in our solidarity shop (All profits will be donated to the project)
4- By buying the items we offer in the Shop,
    (a margin of 3 to 10 € according to the article is donated to the project La Ferme de LéO).


Research Volunteers

La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2019,bénévoles,Yaoundé,

For our future humanitarian mission in Cameroon from February to April 2018, we are looking for:
Professionals of Renewable Energies (Solar, Water)
Pro and DIYers with knowledge in the building and techniques (Superadobe, Eartship)
People who simply want to participate in a humanitarian mission. PS competence in agriculture, breeding and pisciculture welcome too !!!

Material Search For Self-Building

We are taking any help, advice and tip that can help us!
Our needs:
- 1 van or a vehicle
- Concrete mixer
- Electricity and Plumbing and Sanitary
- Tools, screws and nails
- windows and glass doors
- Excavators. picks. Generator
- Solar Kit. Brushcutter
- Tiller. motopompe
 Etc ...

La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Nkoumadzap,
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Nkolnyama,
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Nkoumadzap
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Nkolnyama,
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Mbalmayo
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun_2020-Nkolnyama,