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Useful holidays, humanitarian mission in Cameroon,

Whether you are a retiree, a student or an active person, you are afraid to travel alone, you are welcome. We suggest that you leave for our next humanitarian mission, to discover a continent (Cameroon is Africa in miniature) by joining our next humanitarian mission, it will be an opportunity for you to discover Yaoundé, Mbalmayo and its surroundings, its culture, meet its inhabitants, while helping the village and to children. please get in touch.
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Informations Et Conditions

For our future Humanitarian missions in Cameroon, we are looking for:
Renewable Energy Professionals (Solar, Water)
Pros and do-it-yourselfers with knowledge in building and techniques (Superadobe. Earthship) have a plus.
People simply wishing to participate in a humanitarian mission.
PS competence in agriculture, breeding and fish farming welcome too!!!
On this project, the volunteers,
- Work on a 5 ha farm in the villages of Nkoumadzap and Nkolnyama.
- Tutoring at school, construction, agriculture, awareness of ecology, nature and the environment and other activities of La ferme de Léo "All proposals are welcome"
This farm is just at its beginning of construction.
During their mission, the volunteers are accommodated free of charge on the site in the village, to fully live the daily life as the local families live it, however if you prefer, you can be accommodated at your expense (15€ night) in a hostel in Mbalmayo the small town located 15 km from the village, you will have 20 minutes by taxi in the morning to get to the village and 20 minutes in the evening.
Duration: 3 to 8* weeks / The ideal being at least 3 weeks of work and one week of visiting tourist sites in Cameroon.
Commitment: About 6 hours a day / 5-6 days a week
Meals: Included
Proposal of evening and weekend activities to visit the region.
No professional qualification is required and anyone can participate in the mission
provided that the volunteer is motivated and that he or she is at least 18 years old, otherwise parental authorization is required.
The volunteer pays for his trip (there and back) but La Ferme de Léo is ready to advise him on the best reliable and less expensive companies.
A visa for Cameroon is mandatory
As well as certain vaccines, please inquire with your doctor.
- At the end of the activity, volunteers will receive participation certificates or Volunteer Passports, and will present their impressions of the overall progress of the activities and also possibly make proposals for future activities.
Price: 15€ per day
Contact us
The temporary visa from 1 to 90 days costs 125€ plus postage.
Useful links: Online visa form
1-"Possible to extend the mission on site"

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La ferme de Léo-benevoles
La ferme de Léo-benevoles
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La ferme de Léo-projet
La ferme de Léo-projet
La ferme de Léo-benevoles
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La ferme de Léo-Cameroun,Nkolnyama,bénévoles,
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La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun,Nkoumadzap,
La ferme de Léo-projet
La ferme de Léo-benevoles
La ferme de Léo-benevoles
La ferme de Léo-projet
La ferme de Léo-Cameroun,Nkoumadzap,
La ferme de Léo-projet
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