Cameroun 2021

2021 Breach Of Trust, Scam, Etc...

Our objective this year, the construction of a socio-cultural center with library and workshop rooms.
The year 2021 was an extremely difficult year for our association, in addition to the pandemic which paralyzes the world, we had a loss of 10000€ following a breach of trust, the head of customs in Douala who claimed 9000 from us. € for a container which was worth half and which was mostly filled with donations, a scam and corruption in the administrations of Cameroon,
This means that we have not been able to achieve our objectives for the year,
Our apologies to all those who signed up for this year which should have been a big step for our project.

Filming of the clip Sen ekanga by Alex Gentlemen in August 2021 in the village of Nkolnyama (237)
LFDL-Enthronement of the chief of Nkoumadzap and funeral photos of the chief of Nkolnyama.
LFDL- Our works, Nkoumadzap fields, Nkolnyama Cameroon 2021
LFDL-ADANS 2021 other pictures of others countrys (Akoeman, Mbalmayo..) Cameroon