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Hello, my name is Emilie, I am 56 years old, I am French of Cameroonian origin.
Founding president of the association La ferme de Léo.
Godmother and manager of the ADANS association in Mbalmayo Cameroon.
Secretary to Team RCZ Luxembourg.
I am an only child and after the death of my mother Léonie, I inherited around 60 ha of land, forest and fallow in the village of Nkoumadzap in Cameroon, 55 km south of Yaoundé.
I have a project to create an NGO in Cameroon;
A humanitarian, ecological and organic farm, autonomous.
The goal being to make agriculture, breeding, fish farming, a leisure center with accommodation, having a library, study rooms and workshops for children, This will create jobs, improve local life, and the profits will be used for the education and schooling of children.
The farm will be located on two sites, one in the village of 5 ha around where I have 48 ha for planting, the other in town where it will be necessary to acquire land. The village has no electricity or running water.
The association was created with the inhabitants of the village and the city, it is called La Ferme De Léo in homage to my mother Léonie.
There are thousands of associations of this kind around the world, the only way for us to exist is that as many people as possible are aware and can talk about it, I need, La Ferme de Léo needs, the children, the village and the region need a helping hand please Thanks for your support !

                              Léo's farm is a legal association, law 1908 court of Metz France.

Thanks for supporting us.
Any help, whether human, financial or material, is welcome. You can also give advice, advice and any help that may allow us to move forward in the realization of this project.
Please contact You can also find us on Facebook
Our page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LaFermeDeLeo/
The group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lafermedeleo/  
LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13615137/

La Ferme De Léonie


La Ferme de Léo is an association created on December 28, 2018 in Mbalmayo, Cameroon.

On June 19, 2019, the agriculture branch of La ferme de Léo officially becomes an agro-pastoral cooperative basin.

Our cooperative basin has 200 ha of land for exploitation and we are interested in all proposals.


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To be a member of the association

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To join the association, you must join by taking a membership card whose price is € 25 per year.

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