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Our goal:
    - Improve local life
    - Create jobs
    - Make the region and culture known
    - Respect for nature and the environment
Our projects:
    - Agriculture
    - Breeding
    - Fish farming.
    - Hostel solidarity.
    - Study and training rooms.
    - Electricity and water.

 The profits will be used essentially to help with education and the schooling of children.

Volunteer Research 

We are looking for volunteers for our future missions Humanitarian In Cameroon.

 Join us, become

Join us, become a member, volunteer, you can surely help us. 

school supplies to children

 Our goal is to be able to offer school supplies to children as of September 2021.


Cameroon 2020
our activities in 2020

Cameroon 2019 our activities in 2019                                        

Cameroon 2020
our activities in 2020

Cameroon 2021
our activities in 2021

the Leo mom, the one by whom everything starts,
Leo sewing, Leo entrepreneur, leo macabo etc ... Here are some names she had, Leo was a very active woman; dynamic and rather touches everything, able to compete with some men by manually working just with the strength of his arms, hunting, fishing, agriculture, etc ...
She was always at the service of her family and others, thanks to her Heritage and with your support this dream that was a little bit her, we hope it can become a reality.
The farm of this fact will bear her name in memory of all that she has been able to do and accomplish within the family.

For the organization of our 3rd Environment Day, we need your help to support our online donation campaign

For Our future project, online donations.