Our projects

Presentation of the project :

It all starts with a family legacy, with the goal and the desire to invest to help, innovate and build a common dream in the interest and happiness of all.
A solidarity farm project, ecological and biological that wants to be autonomous, which will provide more than a dozen jobs in addition to volunteers.
This project will focus on:
     - Agriculture, Livestock, Fish Farming etc ...
Moreover an inn for a solidarity and participative tourism in a humanitarian spirit.
     - Workshop and room enlightened so that the children can study and be Trained in a civic spirit
       social and solidarity.
Part of the profits from the farm will be used primarily for the education and schooling of village children and others.
This project will take into account the respect of the environment and the recycling to aim to build in the spirit of Superadobe, Earthship or Géonef.
   Welcome and thank you for embarking on the project of the Leo Farm !!!
  • La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun,Nkoumadzap,



    Organic farming, conventional and unconventional, poultry, goats etc outdoors...

  • La ferme de Léo, projet de pisciculture


    PROJECT-3 Pisciculture

    Establishment of 5 natural ponds for farmed fish.                              



    Drilling a well and solar pump, Panels and solar water heaters. Batteries, wind turbine.